Explore Västervik: Discover the best activities and sights in the city!

Västervik has been awarded as Sweden's summer city and it's no wonder. Every year, Västervik attracts visitors with its beautiful nature, exciting history and a variety of activities. Whether you are a culture lover, adventurer or just want to relax on a beautiful beach, there is something for everyone in our picturesque city. Here you will find out more about some of our favorites and things you can do when you are in Västervik.


Explore the archipelago, take a boat trip or rent a kayak to discover the islands and the beautiful nature. The boat trips in the Västervik archipelago are one of the most popular activities for visitors to the city. Our archipelago is named "Tjust" and has almost 5,000 islands, coves and islets that stretch out towards the Baltic Sea and create a unique and spectacular natural environment.

There are several different boat tours to choose from, ranging from shorter tours that take you around some of the nearest islands to longer tours that take you further out into the archipelago. If you are lucky, you may see seals and sea eagles. There is also a popular shrimp cruise.

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During a boat trip you will see fantastic views of rocky coasts, picturesque fishing villages and wildlife such as seals and sea eagles. You can also hop off the boat to explore the islands on your own or to enjoy a picnic on one of the fine sandy beaches. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day on the water or an adventurous exploration of the archipelago, boat tours in Västervik's archipelago are a must for visitors to the city.


Slottsholmen Hotel & Restaurant was founded by ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus. In addition to the hotel, there is a first-class restaurant. Take a walk on the docks and admire the beautiful boats moored here during the summer.


Myntbryggan is a fantastic bathing dock located at Slottsholmen, a ten-minute walk from our house.

Breviksbadet offers a small sandy beach and a bathing dock in Gamlebyviken, just a 10-minute walk along the beach promenade on "our side" of Gamlebyviken.

At Västervik Resort, there is a water park that is a popular facility, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, there are several different pools, an adventure pool with water slides, a children's pool, and a relaxation pool. There is also a hot tub area where you can unwind and enjoy the massage from the bubbles. You can also swim in the sea, relax on the beach, and enjoy the view from the cliffs. There is also a restaurant available.


Västervik's museum is located in the heart of Västervik in a beautiful building from the 19th century and has an extensive collection of objects and artefacts that tell the story of Västervik and its surroundings.

The museum's permanent exhibitions cover various topics such as the history of the city, the local business community, maritime history, art and much more. You can look at old fishing boats and tools, see what life was like for Västervik's inhabitants in the 19th century and learn about the town's famous personalities.

The museum also has temporary exhibitions that focus on different themes, such as art, history or science, giving visitors a chance to see new things with each visit.

In addition to exhibitions, Västervik's museum also arranges lectures, workshops and other events that are open to the public. It is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the city's rich culture and history.


Every year Västervik's Visfestival attracts thousands of visitors. The festival always takes place in week 28 and has been organized since 1966. The festival focuses on traditional Swedish folk music. Over the years, "all" great Swedish singers have stood on the stage, which is located in the Castle Ruins in town.

Västervik has a lively cultural scene and often has concerts and performances to offer. Västervik has a wide range of events all year round, from music and theater to stand-up comedy.

During Hamnplan Live you can enjoy music, food and activities in the city's harbour.

In addition to these events, there can also be various types of concerts and performances arranged at cultural centers and other stages around the city. The best way to stay up-to-date on what's happening in Västervik is to check the event calendar or visit the tourist office located on Stora Torget, a few hundred meters walk from our house.


Walking in Västervik is a pleasant experience. The city has several beautiful walking paths along the water and through green areas. A nice park to walk in is the city park (Stadsparken). It is located in the city center and has nice footpaths and green areas to relax on. In the town you will find cobbled streets, beautiful old wooden houses and roses that bloom all summer.