The rental business is run by Ulf and Lena Eriksson with our children Erik and Ellen. Our ancestors have rented accommodation on this farm for over 100 years, and in 2016 our family took the house in Sättraby to AirBnB, Booking.com and to our own website. After that, we have supplemented with the croft called Nedanby, which is onlt 500 meters away from our first house. In 2022, we opened our rental in Västervik. Common to our accommodations is that we love old houses.

Brief history of our houses


This used to be the residence of the lessee on our farm, which is still called the Innkeeper farm on the map ("Gägstgivaregården"). Ulf's great-grandfather ran an inn on the farm and at that time there were over 100 fruit trees planted here. Back then this was a large forest property, but today the farm consists of a modest 4 hectares. The family who leased our land lived in the lessee's residence, and in the middle of the house is the farmhand's chamber. In several of the rooms there are preserved details such as the ceiling and also the stove that is in the lessee's residence.


This croft formerly belonged to Kristineholm's manor, which in turn is owned by Hargs Bruk. Back in the days, the roofer lived in the croft with his family. This is a so-called couple cottage with room for two families, therefore there are two preserved kitchens in the croft. When our family bought the property, there was neither electricity nor water in the house and the roof leaked. We extended the house by 15 square meters to accommodate a modern bathroom. We kept as much as possible of the hand-planed paneling on the facade and the original windows. Many old details remain, e.g. ceiling with exposed beams, one of the wood stoves, wall-mounted cupboards and interior doors. We supplemented with a modern country-style kitchen, wallpaper with older patterns and a huge porch where you will want to socialize. 


The house is from the 18th century, the property is called Stensågen which translates to stone saw. This house is the last building that was within the city wall, beyond the house the city ended. The city wall is no longer there, but luckily our house is still there. There are several original details preserved such as wallpaper in apartment 3 and slanted (but beautiful) ceiling in apartment 1. Much of the facade is preserved; it can be seen, for example, in the hand-forged nails and the hand-planed panel boards.